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Retirement Planning

Everyone needs money for their retirement, to support you and give you a decent standard of living. You may also need to support a partner or other people in your family.

These days, people live longer so your pension will need to last you longer. This means you'll need to try and save more.

Many older people live in poverty because they haven't been able to save enough. The help offered by the state can change over time. If your retirement's a long way off you shouldn't assume that all your needs will be covered by state benefits, or that State Pension rules will be the same as now. So it's best to start putting some money away as early as you can.


Most people put their money to one side without thinking about all their options. The only thing that may be considered is where they can receive the best rate on their savings. Whilst this is important, it isn't the only factor to consider.

What most people don't realise is the effect that inflation has on traditional savings over timeā€¦it can effectively negate any interest you could earn.

Investing has the potential to outperform savings over the long-term as well as help your money keep pace with inflation.

Life Insurance

It's never easy to cope when someone close to you dies. Grief is a natural reaction and coping with the pain and loss can be even more difficult if there are added financial pressures. Nobody really wants to think about dying but it makes sense to plan for what could happen and help make it easier for those left behind. It won't stop the grief but it can help support your family after you die.


You will probably have seen it written, or heard it said, many times before - a mortgage is the largest debt you'll ever take on in your life. For this reason, obtaining good independent financial advice in this area is essential.